Episode 3

03. Period Liberation Protocol - Chef Bai

Published on: 21st December, 2022

I learned through my experience with endo that all healing starts with being authentic. 

It’s ultimately because of the willingness to look at the inconvenient truths, and face our shit, that we find our freedom and claim ourselves. 

But how do you know what’s fact or fiction in health?  How do you begin healing the root cause of painful periods versus symptom treating within the pharma business model?

That’s what we’re going to discuss today, but just before we do that I would like to invite you to invite others to rate the show on Apple or Spotify.

I’m hosting this show because after unraveling all of the medical lies I had been told about Endometriosis, I educated myself, and I was able to heal myself. Whether it's Endometriosis or any other painful disorder labeled as 'chronic', we expose the lesser-known solutions that can heal your mind, body & spirit. 

And of course, I made (and continue to make) an ongoing art series about it titled, Every Phasepowerfully illustrating how I healed myself living by the phases of the female cycle infradian rhythm clock.  Follow the series by subscribing at meredithochoa.com

Even though I was lied to for years by big pharma, I was able to find experts who helped me achieve the impossible. This space introduces them to you.

Today we are chatting with my endo warrior sister, seasoned chef, holistic nutrition and health coach and creator of the Period Liberation Protocol, Chef Bai. Classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, she uses her culinary expertise to create rich flavors with clean, nourishing ingredients. 

She is an advocate for people with chronic health ailments, animal welfare, and the environment. Her own plant-based journey started with her desire to heal her chronic pain from an 18-year battle with endometriosis after exhausting all other options. She furthered her studies with a certification in plant-based nutrition from T. Colin Campbell, Center for Nutrition Studies, and is a certified Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Bailey now hosts virtual corporate wellness classes around the globe, develops recipes for brands and works with individuals + families looking to heal through food. Last year she and her husband Steve taught over 20,000 people in their corporate wellness program about the healing power of food. 

She also released her first cookbook 'Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!' which became an #1 Amazon best-seller in 2021. Be sure to tune in to her rapidly growing podcast, The Plant Remedy, featuring interviews on plant-based living with world-renowned chefs, doctors, and entrepreneurs getting real about controversial topics like reversing diseases through a plant-based diet, hormonal health, psychedelics, and so much more.

@chef_bai on Instagram Bailey on YouTube Bailey's Website Bailey's Facebook page


00:00 Introduction

01:16 #1 How Chef Bai began using food to heal endo

05:27 #2 Autoimmune & IUD trauma

08:01 #3 Most important aspect in healing

11:57 #4 Diet culture +body image

15:05 #5 Dairy - bought & paid for science

21:46 #6 Seeing through the health lies

25:21 #7 The impact of diet ‘labels’ on people

28:28 #8 Elix & Period Liberation Protocol

34:29 #9 If you want to heal your period

40:41 #10 Holiday Hormonal Health

44:48 #11 Working out according to your cycle

50:24 #12 Biohacking with art

Key takeaways

  • How she began using food to heal endometriosis
  • The most important aspect in healing
  • Marketing and mythology around body image & working out for your cycle
  • Bought and paid for science
  • Seeing through health propaganda & dairy lobbying
  • The impact of diet ‘labels’ on people
  • How her Period Liberation Protocol will heal your period
  • Holiday Hormonal Health

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If there is a woman you know who is struggling with period pain, the foundation of how I healed myself began with reading Womancode & In The Flo by Alisa Vitti.

You can also pick up a signed copy of my printed book with a list of resources and doctors that helped me, and remember, as always...

The truth will set you free.

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About the Podcast

Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself
where science & spirituality intersect.
How to heal yourself by looking at the things no one (including you) really wants you to see. We discuss female cycle syncing, hormonal nutrition, functional medicine, Ayurveda, Taoist Healing Love, Reiki, Ovarian Kung Fu, spirituality, sexuality & mental health as well as the inconvenient truths of our modern health care system that keep these modalities hidden & falsely marketed so we’re left wondering why the hell no one knows about this.

My name is Meredith Ochoa and I’m another f*#%ing artist, with a mission. My mission is to show others how to face their pain and see themselves for who they really are. I developed this mission from facing my own debilitating pain every month dealing with Endometriosis for over 17 years. After surgery, crossing over to the other side, and dying from the excruciating pain one too many times, I began to unravel all of the medical lies I had been told and educated myself on how women’s hormone’s actually work and I healed myself. I remember the first day I felt freedom, I could feel the shackles literally just fall off as I got present to the fact that I had minimal to no pain in my life with my intimacy, sex, and every month with my cycle.

What I learned through my experience is that all healing starts with being authentic (men AND women), which is why I encourage others to face all of their shit. And of course, I made (and continue to make) an ongoing art series about it! Every Phase–colorfully illustrating the phases of the female cycle infradian rhythm clock.

Even though I was lied to for years by countless doctors promoting big pharma, I was able to find experts who helped me achieve what I thought was impossible. I'm using this space to introduce some of them as well as these practices to you.
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Meredith Ochoa

A true explorer and creative, Atlanta artist Meredith Ochoa began her visual arts journey in 2006 at 17 years old, after being a ballerina for 14 years, coming out of an eating disorder, and becoming fascinated with light and shadow– how one can only see the light because of the shadow and vice versa. This contrast showed up not only in her photography but in her life.

She started making her own pinhole cameras and began exploring the alchemy of the darkroom, so when she received a miraculous scholarship to SCAD, she was pretty upset about the digital 'takeover' within the photo world.

She decided to make a 'mockery' of digital photography--turning a scanner into a sort of 'large format' camera. This became an entire practice & technique within itself, and became the scanning process that she is known for today. The subject becomes the "negative" describing the subject digitally with a flattened focal plane.

This technique is depicted throughout her work and was the artistic beginning of her realization that all healing starts with being authentic. She describes her work with the statement…

Through my art I am healed, and I heal others.